The pressure to succeed in final year and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life caused my anxiety to spiral out of control. When I told the college support system how bad things were and I couldn't go on like this, they got me help immediately.

After going in to hospital for three months, I deferred my final year of college. When I came back this year, D.C.U. were amazingly supportive and there is so much help academically and emotionally here.

Things WILL get better, maybe not tomorrow or this week, but things do improve and we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Who did I talk to?

Psychotherapist, psychiatrist, my year head, head of students support and my family.

What are the little things that work for me?

Keeping in contact with the support services in the college so I remember I'm not alone, academically or emotionally. Yoga, spending time with my puppy also helps me. Trying to stay organised as best I can so college work doesn't pile up and talking about it as much as I can!

Cathy Malone, D.C.U.

About the Please Talk #ITalked campaign

Six students, each with a personal message to tell about their health, joined together for a mental health exhibit that toured college campuses to encourage openness around mental health. More than simply telling Irish students to talk, the Please Talk #ITalked campus tour featured the messages of students who have been through a tough time and realised the power of talking.

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