Real soul music

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Music makes me happy but I don’t often get to listen to my own favourite sounds in a house that is crowded with teenage offspring and a football crazy husband. Now and again there comes an occasion when the house is empty, nobody left at home except me and the cat. It’s my opportunity.

I lock the doors and draw the curtains even if it’s still afternoon. Then I light candles in my darkened room and put on my favourite tracks to play. Old soul music that my children don’t want to hear, Percy Sledge, Nina Simone, Ray Charles.

I make that cat move over – she always sits in my favourite armchair – and then I sit down and let those wonderful sounds wrap me in their magic.

While it lasts, I live in the moment and relish the remnant of myself that loves real soul music. Sometimes puss and I get to spend a whole hour in the candle light but sooner or later the doorbell rings. There’s irate knocking and somebody is shouting, demanding to know why all the doors are locked.

I blow out the candles and open the curtains, till next time.

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