Playing my drums

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I’m a drummer. I love music and I love playing my drums. 

The band I’ve been playing with since Transition Year has just about grown out of being a boy band. Much as I love music, we’re still only part time and I can see it’s never going to be a career. However, because I’ve always done the stage work and electronic stuff for the band, I could see a future there.

When I’m sad or lonely I just play the drums till I feel good again. Lucky for me we live in the country where there aren’t any neighbours to complain.

I enrolled on a college stage course and now I’m in my second year. I spend my weekends setting up stages for really class musicians. It’s fantastic, getting paid to do a job I’d be glad to do for free. The college work is tough and I have to work hard at it if I want a good degree but come weekends, I’m out setting up a stage somewhere. Then the night comes on, the lights and the music are pumping just the way I set them up to do and I’m the happiest person there.

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