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Good mood or bad, I try to 'catch myself' every now and again. All I mean by that is every now and again my thoughts turn to the question 'am I happy?' or "how am I?'.

It's not like any kind of pre-planned mindfulness session, or a's just a check in with myself.

The first time I remember doing that I was in my early 20s, walking home from town, doing nothing in particular. To be honest I wasn't in a good mood that day but somewhere inside I knew that on another day I would feel better ('no, I'm not happy, I told myself'). So, some days I check in and I feel good (grateful is usually a more precise way of putting it).

Other days I'm not feeling so great but the more I check in with myself, the more I catch my mood, the better I know myself. In turn I feel more in control and better able to manage the days I don't feel so hot.

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