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We all go through tough times in our lives. When we do, little things can make a big difference to how we feel. Below, you can find lots of tips to help you feel well.

Taking your time

I often find myself, when in distress, having a much more heightened sense of emotions and thoughts. They can whirl around at speeds unknown to man, thus making everything seem much worse than it is ... Read more

Real soul music

Music makes me happy but I don’t often get to listen to my own favourite sounds in a house that is crowded with teenage offspring and a football crazy husband. Now and again there comes an occasion w... Read more

Two wheels = freedom

On yer bike! I started cycling when I quit smoking a few years ago - I needed to get over the tension of trying not to smoke while commuting in my car.I was not prepared for the joy that I now associ ... Read more

Getting through a break-up

When my partner went off with someone new, leaving me and the kids behind, I went through a very bad patch. It felt as if my life had been completely shook. But I didn’t know how lucky I really was. ... Read more

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