If I have a mental health concern, what services are available?

  • G.P. support
    A G.P. (family doctor) is usually the first service to approach in relation to mental health concerns. A G.P. can talk to you about support options available and the things you can do for yourself. Find out about how a G.P. can provide support.

  • Referral to a specialist
    In some cases, a G.P. may refer you to the H.S.E. mental health services or to other supports such as psychology or counselling.  

  • Helplines and online supports 
    Phone and online supports offer information and support for a wide range of problems and concerns. 

  • Private services  
    If you are thinking about arranging a private appointment with a psychologist or counsellor, ask about their qualifications and whether they are registered with an accrediting body. You can find information on accreditation at CounsellingDirectory.ie. You can find a registered psychologist via www.psychologicalsociety.ie/find-a-psychologist/

  • Community & non-statutory services
    You can access a wide range of supports and services from community and non-statutory organisations. Many of these services are low-cost or free and include one-to-one services, family and group supports, counselling, befriending, bereavement support, personal development, respite support and income/employment advice and support. Search for services in your local area

  • Emergency services
    In an emergency situation, when a G.P. is not available, you can access the mental health services through you local hospital Emergency Department.