WorkOut is a mental fitness phone app that works on your problem-solving, strengths, identifying your social support networks and lots more.

It’s based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is a practical action-oriented approach to moving past negative thinking, which can impact our mood and outlook.

How does it work?

When you first download WorkOut, you’ll need to answer some questions about how you’ve been feeling recently, your sense of control, your help-seeking attitudes and confidence levels.

If you haven’t been feeling great in any of these areas and get low scores as a result, don’t worry. There are loads of things you can do to increase your score and mental fitness and WorkOut will help you with this.

If you do find yourself scoring high in all of the tests, that’s great! But WorkOut is still for you. Remember, the state of our mental fitness isn’t fixed and, just like our physical health, it needs continuous maintenance.

Taking a mission

After the tests (which you can retake at any time) you’ll be asked to take missions in similar themes. These are where you look at your problem-solving skills, sleeping patterns, goal setting, how you handle nervous situations, personal networks and set yourself a challenge for the following week.

Each challenge has a different level of involvement. For example, some just ask you to be aware and take notice if anyone asks you for any kind of help. Others involve you aiming to regulate your sleep by committing to getting up and going to bed at the same time everyday – and doing it! Then you’ll be asked a few questions to see how you got on.

The following week you’ll receive a notification on your phone do this, telling you to check back in. If you haven’t been able to complete the mission that’s fine - it’s not a competition. Still answer the questions to see if thinking and reflecting on it make any difference to you feel.

Try it again as many times as it takes for you to notice an improvement. Remember, it takes a while to change a behaviour. Even if you find any of the missions easy to complete, and feel you did well, you can still take it again at any time to fine-tune your mental fitness.

If any of the missions bring anything up for you, you can visit to find out ways to mind your mental health and increase your wellbeing.

Who is behind it?

Built by ReachOut Ireland, a youth mental health organisation, this mobile app was first developed as an online application by ReachOut Australia and the Brain and Mind Research Institute. The research supporting the original online application was funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) as part of an ARC Linkage Project between the University of Sydney and Inspire Australia.

ReachOut Ireland are grateful to our Australian colleagues who developed the WorkOut concept and to the Health Service Executive, National Office for Suicide Prevention, Ireland who funded this mobile application.

Download the iOS version from here:

Download the Android version from here: