One of our partner organisations, Suicide or Survivehas developed - an online wellness workshop that shares practical tools to help you maintain your wellness when you are feeling good and improve your wellness during difficult times.

Below, you can watch taster videos from the online workshop. The workshop aims to help you understand, take charge of and take responsibility of your own mental health. The workshop can be of benefit to anyone who is interested in mental health and wellness.

You can sign up for wellness workshops nationwide, and watch more wellness videos at     

What people say about the wellness workshops:

“Listening to the problems of others and how they coped with them gave me the strength to reach out and to do my best to improve my wellbeing and in turn help those who need to improve their wellbeing”

“They spoke so simply, they didn’t use dictionary language or medical language so that they could relate to everybody and they could give practical tips to everybody from clients that you deal with yourself or to your family and friends about minding their mental health or recovering from mental health issues.”

“It is about mental health and not illness. It gives real hope about being able to cope with mental illness and end up with a positive view of how you can recover from mental illness”

“You can use it when you’re not feeling well but you can break down a problem into smaller chunks and deal with it rather than one big amount. It just helped kind of deal with things easily and get your mind in that frame. Now I find I’m managing things better because I’m not taking on one big giant task and I can do this much tomorrow. It’s better that way.”

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