Someone who feels suicidal is generally in a state of extreme emotional pain:

  • They are possibly feeling depressed and very hopeless about the future.

  • They may believe nothing will improve, and feel powerless to change anything.

  • They may be lost in their feelings and feel overwhelmed.

  • They may see themselves as being worthless and as a burden on those around them.

These thoughts lead to feelings of guilt and shame. They may believe that it will be best for everyone concerned if they are no longer around. They want to end the pain that they are living with and believe that there is no other solution to the problems that they face.

Withdrawing from others
It is possible that someone who is feeling suicidal has withdrawn from those around them and is not talking about their feelings. Therefore, it can be very hard for you to know what they are feeling and thinking.

Cannot see any other way out
Many people who are thinking of taking their own life do not actually want to die but can’t see any other way out of their situation. Their suffering is very real.  Very often they are undecided, almost disconnected, about their death, and are confused about their suicidal thoughts or intentions.  It is likely to be a very exhausting time for them and this can further add to the person’s despair.  Although they may have a plan around what they are going to do, many people still wish for and hope for a different option up until the very end. 

If you are worried that someone you know is suicidal, get urgent help information here.