I've experienced depression for as long as I can remember but always bottled up my problems.

At the end of my second year in college I had repeats, financial issues, relationship problems, etc.

I felt overwhelmed to the point that I was feeling suicidal and quite desperate. I really wanted to let it out but was terrified of burdening people.

Who did I talk to?

Eventually I decided to tell the world via Facebook. Once I did, the level of support was incredible. People I never would have expected to started opening up to me about their own mental health problems and we were able to help each other out.

What are the little things that work for me?

Talking isn't an easy thing to do. It's quite daunting. But once you let it out, it's completely worth it.

Ian Mooney, T.C.D.

About the Please Talk #ITalked campaign

Six students, each with a personal message to tell about their health, joined together for a mental health exhibit that toured college campuses to encourage openness around mental health. More than simply telling Irish students to talk, the Please Talk #ITalked campus tour featured the messages of students who have been through a tough time and realised the power of talking.

Find out more on the Please Talk website.