It hasn't always been one thing that has triggered my mental health in a negative way, it always seems to be the piling up and worrying about my daily problems until they just get overwhelming.

Paying rent, college and basic necessities like food made me anxious, isolated and constantly stressed.

From talking I was able to become more in tune with my mental health and actually listen to myself rather than let me thoughts and worries suppress any rational thoughts.

Who did I talk to?

My welfare officer, counsellor, close friends and my brother.

What are the little things that work for me?

Talking and looking after my physical health. Keeping in touch with my hobbies and doing the things which I love. Doing things that are proactive and that allow me to reach my goals. Reflecting on being 'present' has been a major help for me, and I use it every day to allow me to appreciate my surroundings and my life.

Cian Power, U.C.C.

About the Please Talk #ITalked campaign

Six students, each with a personal message to tell about their health, joined together for a mental health exhibit that toured college campuses to encourage openness around mental health. More than simply telling Irish students to talk, the Please Talk #ITalked campus tour featured the messages of students who have been through a tough time and realised the power of talking.

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