Understanding Self Harm: Ardee

The aim of the programme is to:
• Develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of self-harm
• Develop participants’ knowledge of the reasons underlying self-harm behaviour
• Consider the needs of people who self-harm

Learning Outcomes:
The learning outcomes include: 
• Explain the prevalence of self-harm across different age groups and genders
• Describe the causes, reasons for and functions of self-harm
• Apply the positive approaches to engaging with and caring for someone who self-harms
• List the treatments and helpful responses and services for people who self-harm 
For Whom:
The training is suitable for people who work with young people such as youth workers, teachers, residential care staff, Gardaí, and people in caring professions and parents, concerned members of the public, people who work in alcohol and addiction services, those who work with homeless people and people who work with those recovering from mental illness.

The programme involves an interactive style, including PowerPoint presentation, DVD clips, case study examples and small group discussions.

On completion of workshop:
Participants will receive:
• Copy of slides presented throughout the workshop
• ‘Understanding Self-harm’: A handbook for healthcare professionals, parents, teachers and youth workers who may have direct contact with people who self-harm
• Certificate of attendance
• List of local resources


Friday 29th September 2017 - Friday 29th September 2017


9:30am – 5:00pm