Understanding Self-Harm: Leixlip, Co Kildare

This particular course is for those living or working in CHO Area 7: Kildare/West Wicklow, Dublin West, Dublin South City and Dublin South West. 

The Workshop

The one day workshop provides opportunities for improved knowledge, awareness and understanding of self-harm. Participants consider how personal attitudes and experiences might affect their helping role with a person who self-harms. It aims to clarify what self-harm is, what leads people to engage in the behaviour and considers its relationship with suicide. The causes, reasons behind the behaviour, and the functions are discussed.

Positive approaches to engaging with and caring for someone who self-harms are presented. Active participation is encouraged. Learning is stimulated by audio-visuals and working with others in small groups.

Who should attend the Understanding Self-Harm Training?

The training is suitable for people who work with young people such as youth workers, teachers, residential care staff, Gardaí, and people in caring professions and parents, concerned members of the public, people who work in alcohol and addiction services, those who work with homeless people and people who work with those recovering from mental illness. It is open to both agencies and individuals who seek to understand more about self-harm, the reasons underlying self-harm behaviours and to improve personnel/agency responses to the needs of those people who self-harm.

How to get trained:

The workshop is provided free of charge but advance booking using the application, is essential


Friday 1st December 2017 - Friday 1st December 2017