The Eden Programme: Galway

The Eden Programme is an innovative and life changing experience for those who have participated.

If you have thought about or attempted suicide the Eden Programme may be of benefit to you. The Eden is an educational programme with a therapeutic element that provides a safe space where people over the age of 18 years can:

• Explore their experiences
• Develop their personal skills and wellness strategies
• Source avenues of support
• Move away from suicide as an option of choice in times of crisis

The programme will run on a Wednesday morning from 10:00am – 1:00pm and will run over a 6 month period. To find out more please follow the link to our website where you can find a video outlining the programme and read testimonials and evaluation of the programme.


Wednesday 3rd January 2018 - Tuesday 3rd July 2018


10.00AM - 1.00PM