Suicide or Survive: National Tea Break

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So just let us pop on the kettle while we tell you about The SOS National Tea Break

So, for the last 6 years, every September, we have been inviting all our supporters to take time for some Tea and Talk. Not just any old talk but talk about something that touches us all, that effects us all, that benefits every community, family and individual across our nation. Now surprisingly even though this subject is of great benefit to everyone, not many folk want to talk about it! It’s kind of a taboo subject you might even say, it’s been stigmatised out of the conversation. So what is it that no one wants to talk about? Well, it’s Mental Health.

Yip, our precious mental health pretty much gets ignored until the day it just decides to take a break from the stress and worry and anxiety and sit down and not cooperate with our plans. So, here at SOS we want to make it part of everyday normal conversation. That’s what the National Tea Break is all about.

So we are asking you to gather your friends or family or colleagues or neighbours (pretty much anyone you can catch!) together for a National Tea Break gathering. When you register we will provide you with a party pack to get the conversation going. So drink your tea (or coffee) and just talk about all the other things we love to chat about but this time pop some thoughts on mental health and wellness into the mix. Honestly, we promise you once you start the conversation it will flow freely. We would love you to use the event to gather some sponsorship which is the lifeblood to finance our highly acclaimed workshops in communities right around the country.

Last year we had Tea Breaks in factories, shops, schools, colleges, Leinster House, community centres, hospitals, farm yards and a range of wild and wacky venues. So plan your National Tea Break, get your invites out and don’t forget we want to see your pics!!

Have to go now, I hear the kettle whistling!


Friday 1st September 2017 - Saturday 30th September 2017