Stress Control Monaghan

HSE Cavan/Monaghan in association with Community and Statutory Partners are rolling out the highly regarded six-week Stresscontrol programme in Cavan/Monaghan over the next few months.  

Stresscontrol is a free six session programme - each session lasts for 90 minutes and is delivered once a week. Stresscontrol was devised by Dr. Jim White, a clinical psychologist in Glasgow, to help the large number of people who complained of stress and who were keen to learn how to tackle their problems themselves.

People who come to Stresscontrol will learn simple strategies for alleviating stress, and the course is delivered in lecture format so that people do not need to interact. This makes it less stressful for participants, there are no embarrassing exercises, just simple information explained in such a way that people learn over the course how to become their own therapists.

Booklets are given after each session, and people can practice the exercises between sessions.

Quotes from previous participants of Stresscontrol include:

"I was off work due to stress, when this course started. Thanks to the tips I have been able to ‘face my fears’ and return to work."

“I feel stress is an on-going problem for most people but with the skills and knowledge I have picked up on this course, I feel confident I will be able to manage my stress."

"The taught programme was a ‘gift’. Knowing I could attend and just spend my time just focusing on listening."

If you are interested in attending this course or any across the Cavan/Monaghan region over the next few months refer to the downloadable poster for venues and times. There is no need to book a place in advance, just turn up and you can join in the course at any time, although it is recommended that people attend all six sessions. You can attend sessions running in different locations if this suits better some weeks and you can also attend the course more than once. Please feel free to share the details with your friends, neighbours and post in your community, on social media etc.

If stress is concerning you or someone you know then come along to the Stresscontrol programme or talk to your GP to get help and advice.


Thursday 24th January 2019 - Thursday 28th February 2019


7.30pm to 9pm