Shine, Emergence Concert: Waterford

This is a story, not that different from many others, where a dream was dashed on the rocks of other's insecurities. But, over time, those broken shards were collected up, some rescued from deep and treacherous waters. And slowly, painstakingly so at times, they were pieced back together again.

And the dream was awakened once more...

The launch and premiere of the new album 'Emergence', by composer Elaine Nolan and performed by the composer, in an intimate concert, and in aid of Shine Discovery - Supporting people affected by Mental Ill Health.
This concert is part of a two-day event, from the 29th - 30th March, in Waterford City for internationally celebrated Piano Day 2018.


Thursday 29th March 2018 - Thursday 29th March 2018





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