Thanks for taking the time to submit a wellness tip! Here’s everything you need to know:

What happens when I submit a tip?

  • We will review your tip and ensure that it follows these submission guidelines. We will also edit the tip so that it is easy to understand and written in plain english.

  • If your tip meets these submission guidelines, we will publish it.

  • Submitted tips are published anonymously. This information will not be attributable to any individual and no contact information will be included.

Guidelines for writing your tip:

  • Tips must be focused on things that are good for mental health, under 600 words and created by you.

  • We may edit your tip, and we reserve the right to publish edited tips without your prior approval.

  • Tips will be published at and may be reproduced in the National Office for Suicide Prevention’s print publications or as part of the Little Things campaign.

  • If you include facts in your tip, we request a list of sources.

  • We assume non-exclusive publication rights on all tips.

Things we won’t publish:

  • Tips already posted on We encourage you to check and see if your tip has been shared by someone else.

  • Unreliable information: If there are facts, quotes or statistics in your article a reference to the publication or website where you sourced the information must be included.

  • Plagiarism: Tips must be original (written in your own words, not copies from another website or publication).

  • Personal abuse or allegations against individuals or groups: Be nice! We will not publish anything that is an attack on a person, group or organisation.

  • We won’t publish any tips that indicate discrimination, prejudice, hatred, insults or misinformation.

  • We won’t publish any tips that have religious, political or commercial agendas.