World Mental Health Day is observed around the world on 10th October every year and the theme for 2017 is “Mental health in the workplace”. The overall objective is to mobilise our collective efforts in support of better mental health. The time around World Mental Health Day gives us all an opportunity to bring awareness to and highlight mental health and wellbeing issues where we work, rest and play.


Top Tips

Read some top tips on how to mind your mental health in the workplace and make your work a healthier experience for everyone.

Get Involved Locally

Cities, towns and communities across Ireland are celebrating World Mental Health Day this year with a wide range of publicly available talks, seminars and activities.

  • Mental Health Ireland have a range of activities this October, hosted by over 80 local communities nationwide. See details of some of their events here.

  • In the Events section of this website, you can see other local or regional events taking place, encouraging you, your friends, family and work colleagues to become engaged with freely-available mental health programmes or training.

Get Involved on Social Media

Get socially engaged with the global conversation on World Mental Health Day by visiting the World Federation for Mental Health;

Empower Your Workplace

  • Engage with SeeChange In the Workplace, who offer a free 6-step workplace programme to support employers and employees in creating open workplace cultures, supporting each-others mental health and to work to their full potential.