Talking to the bees

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When I want to feel well I go out into our back garden and talk to the bees. Bees have always been part of my family. When I was growing up, they were there, humming among the apple trees in the orchard. My father let them know as each of his children was born. If anyone went far away or came home from far away, they bees had to be informed. It was all part of a belief among beekeepers that the bees must be told about their human family’s life events or else they will take offence and fly away.

So the bees knew when I got married. I have my own beehive now, ruled by a queen from one of my father’s hives. My wife loves that we have our own raw honey and lectures me on its health benefits.

I tell her how therapeutic it is talk to the bees. Whenever I feel stressed I take my worries out to the beehive.

The bees are busy, of course, but I know that some level they hear me. Any day now there will be a new arrival into our house and the bees will be the first to know.

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