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After going through a break-up, I found logging out of all forms of social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram) very helpful. Social media is addictive. Everyone's news and business was no longer in my face all the time. Social media can make other people’s lives seem so great and often their profiles are unrealistic and far from the daily struggles in life.

I also didn't want to use social media to post my most personal and intimate details, as I don't think profiles should be used as a diary. By posting very personal and intimate things to the public eye, you are leaving yourself open to be humiliated, judged and it can often back fire professionally. Either speak to friends or family or use an actual notebook to write your thoughts but don't express them on social media.

I found I was then able to use my time my proactively. Instead of scrolling through my newsfeed just before bed and often feeling anxious, I started to read books again before bed. Time spent on social media after work, was then changed into going for walks, or doing some Pilates in my sitting room.

I also found a really helpful website called headspace that teaches you how to meditate and how to take 10 minutes every day to just breath and take a moment. All in all, the social media detox was fantastic. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!

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