Things that are good for my wellbeing

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  • Watch a funny film or funny clips. 
  • When the sun shines, try sitting in a quiet area, undisturbed, with your eyes closed. Enjoy the heat, power and radiance. 
  • Laughter therapy or classes.
  • Remember life is for living and enjoy it. 
  • Read and re-read Matthew Haig's book, "Reasons to stay alive". This inspriational book describes how the author works through his depression.

Remember - you are a unique human being.

  • Remember someone else is feeling the same way as you do. If you are feeling sad, say to yourself: "this feeling is only a temporary thing and it will pass and I will feel better and alive once more".
  • Mental health is fragile, so take good care of yourself. 
  • Treat yourself: a bar of chocolate, a massage, swim, get your hair done, etc. It's also nice to tuck up in bed with a good book.

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