Gone fishing

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I'm very busy at work during the week so it’s important to unwind at the weekends. In season that means fishing. I hitch the boat trailer on to my van and set out. It’s a beautiful drive to the slipway at the estuary.  

I reverse down the slipway and lower the boat into the water. She’s just a nice size for two anglers. A friend joins me. 

It is impossible to describe the peace and beauty of the estuary. You have to go there and experience it for yourself. I can see other boats downstream but the estuary is wide so they are far away from us.

We cross over to fish the deep channel below the sand dunes on the south shore. The sky is filled with larks singing their hearts out. It’s a blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Too bright, really, for fishing, but sure who cares? The peace of this place is what brings us here. Fish or no fish, we’re happy.

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