Getting through a break-up

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When my partner went off with someone new, leaving me and the kids behind, I went through a very bad patch. It felt as if my life had been completely shook. But I didn’t know how lucky I really was. My Dad was there and that made all the difference. “Think of the things you still have,” he said and he was right. I had a roof over my head and I had my lovely children and my Dad. He phoned me every day while I needed him most and encouraged me to focus on the positive things in my life.

Of course it’s bad,” he would say to me,”but it could be worse. Nobody’s dead. Be glad of that.”

It became a habit. Now, whenever I’m worried or sad, Dad’s good advice pops into my mind. There are things that are good in my life. It’s our catchphrase when we need to make each other happy. One or other of us calls and says, “It’s bad, but it could we worse.” Then we have a good laugh together.

If you are going through a relationship break-up, find supportive information here.

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