Being a father and a husband

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My best times are with my wife and kids. I do enjoy catching up with friends over an occasional pint but I don’t make a lifestyle out of it. I think men are lucky nowadays to be able to cook and take care of children.

I grew up with an absent father – what I mean is he was absent in the pub and didn’t bother with us children. So now I’m experiencing proper family life for the first time with my own children and my great wife.

We still have plenty of worry, especially money worries, because I lost my job as a builder a while back. Which means we don’t have much money to spend but whenever we’re starting to feel the pressure, I say, what will we do on Saturday? And we spend the week planning an outing.

Maybe to the forest or the river. I’ve always loved being outdoors, hiking and fishing. So we make up a picnic and head off to the wild places I know about. The countryside is free so our trips don’t cost much and there’s nothing better than spending a day out in the fresh air with nature. If we’re fishing we might even catch a free meal.

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