A simple life

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I'm lucky to live by the sea. I hear its sound all day and all night and when it's stormy the wind rattles the windows as if it’s trying to blow us away.  I live alone with my old Labrador and my lovely cats. If you pass by my house, you will notice that it is old and crumbling. Unique, people say. And unique on the inside too where I indulge my love of colour and beautiful old fabrics.

My life is simple. I try to infuse joy into my every day.

Mostly I make myself happy by walking on the beach for miles and miles. I see rainbows shimmering in the mist and I hear the whispering of ocean on the sand. This morning I saw a flock of Brent Geese take off from the water and fly away into the mist. The rising tide was creeping over the wave washed sand and the sky was blue. I felt a surge of happiness that took my breath away.

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