It's the #littlethings that sometimes make a big difference.

We all go through tough times in our lives. When we do, little things can make a big difference to how we feel. Below, you can find lots of tips to help you feel well.


Walking my dogs

I have two large dogs that need exercise every day regardless of the weather. There is nothing better than heading out for a long walk with them by the river where they can run free and play.Whether ... Read more

Live in the moment

What I'd like to do to be happy is live every day like today.I walked among the hills in the afternoon and washed my hands in a little stream of pure water that flowed down a steep hillside.I spent m ... Read more

Walking outside

Just recently, I joined a walking group with other friends that have mental health difficulties like myself. I found it very relaxing and the chat was good too. Walking is a great way to check in wit ... Read more

Happiness is.... fresh air & endorphins!

For me, getting active and out in the fresh air fills me with a sense of calm, purpose and allows stress to dissipate.Challenging myself to compete in races and events gives me long-term motivation, ... Read more

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