If you are pregnant, and it was unplanned, and you are not happy to be pregnant then you might be feeling a lot of different emotions. You might be frightened, feeling isolated, panicked or distressed. You may be unsure about how you feel or have ups and downs in how you feel. You might also find it difficult to talk to family, your partner or friends about the pregnancy.

There are supports and services available to help you work through your feelings and decide on the next steps:

  • Positive Options
    For information about free, non-judgemental and confidential pregnancy counselling services in your area, freetext “list” to 50444 or visit www.positiveoptions.ie.

  • Pregnancy counselling
    In counselling, you should get support to work through your feelings and decide on the next steps. You should also get practical information on your rights and entitlements, and referral to other supports and services.

  • A G.P.
    Many G.P.s also provide services for women with unplanned pregnancies.