For some people, gambling becomes a problem that is out of control and that causes problems for them and their families.

Signs of a gambling problem or addiction:

  • You use gambling as a way to cope with stress, worry or anxieties in life.

  • There is an increase in how often you gamble or how much you spend.

  • You spend more money on gambling than you can afford. You risk debt or financial problems (such as losing your home) if you continue to gamble.

  • The time you spend gambling means you neglect other parts of your life, such as work or family.

  • You lose control of the time or money you spend on gambling.

Support for gambling:

  • A G.P.
    You could talk to a G.P. as a first step. He or she may be able to refer you to someone who can give you more specialised help with this difficulty.

  • Gamblers Anonymous
    Provides support to anyone who wants to stop gambling.

  • The Rise Foundation
    Supports families with loved ones in addiction, including gambling addiction.